How I use Tailwind to Grow my Pinterest Following

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How to use Tailwind to grow your Pinterest Following

I have been using the Tailwind App for a little over 3 months now and I have to say I have increased my following on Pinterest from around 80 to well over 800 followers !

The stress of having to pin and re-pin on Pinterest everyday can become overwhelming so using Tailwindapp has simplified this immensely.

Set a pinning schedule within Tailwind to automate Pinterest scheduling. 

The best part of the Tailwindapp in my opinion is the ability to set up a pinning schedule direct to Pinterest. When you setup an account and synchronise it with your Pinterest account after time they have the ability to see when people view your pins and profile and generate time slots that relate to that information.

Tailwind Scheduling perfect for controlling your pins on Pinterest

This optimises your pinning to Pinterest giving you the best possible times to be pinning your stuff. And it does it while you sleep – marvellous…

Therefore you can add your own time slots say around 15 – 30 and then your pins will be pinned automatically…

Board Lists on Tailwind

Another great feature on Tailwind is the ability to create Board Lists. Board Lists are basically a collection of your Pinterest boards all bunched together. So for example if you wanted to post one pin to multiple boards instead of having to go through all your boards individually you simply select one of your Board List groups and add the pin. Simples !Tailwind can pin to Multiple Pinterest boards

Pinning in bulk from Pinterest Using Tailwind

Something I have discovered recently is that you can bulk pin from Pinterest using Tailwind’s funky Browser extension. Simply look up what you fancy on Pinterest say for example ‘hip flexor stretch for men’ for your fitness board hit the Tailwind extension on your browser bar and it will grab all the pins in a group for you to click on and add to a board or board list of your choice.

Bulk Pin Scheduling for Pinterest

Pinterest Pin Scheduling with Intervals Using Tailwind

Pinterest although constantly changing is fairly clear about spamming pins meaning they don’t like it !! Go HERE to learn more about Pinterest

A great way round this if you have a particular pin you want to pin to multiple boards but with a sensible gap in between pins, to allow others to be scheduled in those gaps, you can use Tailwind’s interval tool see below and I will try and explain.

Sharing Pinterest Pins by Intervals on Tailwind App

When you have selected your pin, hit the schedule icon on the pin and it will bring a page similar to this one. If you only add one board you can simply just schedule it in the normal way. If however you add it to multiple boards or a Board List then it will throw up the interval option and you can then select how much time you want to leave between each pinning cycle for that pin. From a few hours or a few days. Tailwind will then schedule it forward and show you the dates it will be posted. If however you decide you want specific dates and times for the pin to go out this can be done too. This also locks the pin into the time slot you have selected and the shuffle feature also offered won’t affect this particular pin. Awesome right ?

As you can see I am pretty passionate about The Tailwind App I think it is amazing so I would strongly urge you to check it out if you are serious about saving yourself some serious time by adding a little bit of automation to your business. What I like though is that although automated you still have complete control.

Analytics for your Pinterest and Website

Another aspect of this app is I should mention that because it is attached to your Pinterest account is has the ability to throw you some pretty cool analytics about the performance of your boards and your account in general. Link you website /Blog as well and it will help you here too.

I am still learning my way around all the information but from what I have learnt so far has helped me immensely.

If you have any questions about Tailwind please feel free to drop me a line below and I will come back to you.

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Tailwind has helped me so much to raise my Pinterest Profile from 50 - 1200 followers in just 4 months !
I love Tailwind - it has saved me so much time by automating my pinning check out my post and sign up for a free trial - ITS FREE !!
Tailwind in the Long run will save you time and money - overtime it has started to help me make money by freeing up my valuable time by automating some of my weekly pinning - give it a try !
Check out these tips on how to succefully use Tailwind to help raise your profile on Pinterest and now Instagram too - Check out my tips

Thanks as always



Pinterest and Instagram scheduling with Tailwind Visual Marketing Suite

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