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The Benefits of using Sumup for your Credit Card Processing.

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Process your Credit Card payments fast with SumUp

In my offline business I own and run a Chauffeur Car company. These days more and more people are settling their bills by credit card. For my card processing needs I used to use a company called TaxiPay. This company was owned by a company called Adelante. Unfortunately over time their credit/debit card processing charges became too high

for me to pass on to my clients. I therefore switched to a company called SumUp.

Using Credit Card Processing Company SumUp

Sumup Credit debit Card Processing company
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I have been using SumUp now for several months and have found it to be a very user friendly application. A new UK law has come into force which prevents you from being able to charge the client the usual card processing surcharge. SumUp’s very competetive rate makes it an excellent choice as they only charge 1.9% for mobile transactions and 2.3% for transactions processed from their virtual desktop application. They also have no ongoing costs or contract fees.

Customer Service and Support

On the rare occasion when you need additional advice or support and you can’t find the answer on their website, which by the way has an extensive FAQ section,  their team are incredibly proactive at getting back to you usually within a 24 hour period. I have only contacted them by email and the response is usually by email too but I am quite happy with that.  As with most things online these days I did find it hard to find a sensible way of contacting them by phone though. I am sure with some digging this would be do able if you really needed immediate help.

Ways to process credit and debit card payments

SumUp have a few ways of processing payments. The first method is to purchase their small chip and pin device. There is just a one off fee – no further contract fees. If you click here you can receive a handy discount as a recommendation of mine. The little device will sit quite comfortably in the palm of your hand. It connects via Bluetooth to your phone via their specific SumUp app available on both IOS and Android. Simply enter the amount, add it to the basket, hit charge, and enter a small reference. I usually use the clients name and the date then push the card into the reader. It will then ask for the clients pin code and assuming success you are prompted for an email or mobile number from the client which means they will be sent a receipt instantaneously. That’s it you’re done. Sometimes people do not receive the receipt as it may have gone to their junk box or they weren’t expecting an email from ‘Sumup’ so it gets deleted. That’s no problem as within the app on your phone you can visit the transaction page, find the correct transaction and resend the receipt. Hence the reason I use their name in the reference box, otherwise it can get confusing.

The receipt will carry the details you sign up with so be sure to use the company name you want on your customers’ receipts.

The second way is to send the client a link via text which they can access, enter their details and post payment online similar to Paypal or similar.

Third option is via the Virtual Terminal which is on your PC. Here the same details are required but obviously the customer does not need to be present. The only drawback processing the transaction this way is that it won’t generate a receipt from the terminal. You will have to access the App on your phone and generate the receipt the same way as for a mobile transaction. A little bit irritating and I have raised this point with them so maybe it will come in a new version.

After the card has been processed the money usually appears in your account within 7 days but I have known it to be sooner.


In conclusion I have used a number of card processing system’s over the years but I certainly find SumUp to be the most user friendly and cost effective system I have used so far.

I hope this review has been helpful to you and I welcome any comments below.

If you have any ideas that you would like me to discuss in the future be sure to let me know.

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Sumup Credit debit card processing company
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