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Pregnancy Photoshoot Considerations

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What Considerations should you have when organising a Pregnancy Photoshoot

When Considering a Pregnancy Photoshoot there are a number of things to take into account.
I will go through a few things I do as a Photographer which I hope will answer some of the questions you are bound to have.
Whether you are a photographer planning on doing a Pregnancy shoot or mum to be considering having a Pregnancy shoot.
To you who may be pregnant at the moment and would love to capture this moment in time in a picture I would, first and foremost, urge you to do it.

Despite what you might be thinking right now, pregnancy is a thing of beauty. I know I am a man and it is easy for me to say but no matter how bloated, sick, feeling unattractive or weird eating requirements you may have, it doesn’t matter. You are beautiful and you are taking part in what can only be described as a miracle. You’re having a baby !!

The creation of life is something to be celebrated and no better way than by having a photographic record of the event.
Trust me you will look back in a few years so grateful you went ahead and had some pictures done.
There are so many ways to capture this beauty – you don’t have to have everything hanging out on display – you don’t have to be naked or part naked. Despite what some photographers might have you think. You are creating an ambience and feeling, a moment, if you will.
My plan in this post is just to demonstrate some different ideas for your pregnancy photoshoot with a few props, clothing and poses for you to consider.
I hope you love it and find inspiration to capture  your most beautiful time……creating a miracle.Stunning Picture of mum and baby

What type of Pregnancy pictures are you hoping to have by the end of the Shoot?

Naked or semi naked Pregnancy Photoshoot.

As mentioned above there are a number of ways to do this. Are you looking to have a clothes off style shoot ? Are you happy for various bits of your flesh to be on display. There are some beautiful examples of these kinds of shoot out there so by all means take a look below as an example starting point.Semi Naked Pregnancy Photoshoot ideas

However you must also be sure to visit Pinterest or even google images for some ideas. Your photographer, if experienced in this area, will no doubt have some ideas too.

Above all else you must feel comfortable doing it – if you don’t it will show in the photos. If you are to include your partner then please ensure they are happy to do this too unless you just plan to have some done by yourself.
Pregnancy Couple Shoot

Location is also a factor Will you be at home /studio or out somewhere ?

This will depend on your style choice, space and equipment your photographer has – I will tend to encourage people to have the shoot at home – especially if they are trying to capture those intimate style images. Home gives a sense of security is generally warmer and will lend itself more easily to makeup touch-ups or clothing changes should they be required. Something as simple as going to the toilet in your own home too can make a difference especially if you are pregnant.

Pregnancy photoshoot at home
Studio would be second choice as again there is the ability to control the lighting and create the right mood for your shoot. Again most things will be on hand. Props etc.
I love these pregnancy T Shirts you can get these days that actually can be quite fun.
Fun Pregnancy Photoshoot T ShirtsFun Pregnancy photoshoot T Shirt ideas







Another favourite of mine is to be more elaborate and head outside and be at one with nature whether it’s out into the woods or down by the beach. Without wishing to distract from the fact that you are pregnant one can create some beautiful poses with a big fly away Chiffon wraps or similar. (see below for a few examples). Wraps like this can be fairly inexpensive – click on the pictures to get some ideas.
Nature style Pregnancy Shoot

Pregnancy photoshoot by the sea
My final choice is more for the reserved Mom to be which would involve a lovely walk out in to the country side or beach or whatever you have available to you – the expectant couple could be walking hand in hand or hugging, having a kiss or whatever feels comfortable to you but you get the idea.
Again this is a non-pressured way to shoot the lovely couple and their beautiful Miracle. Any of the settings above can be used for this kind of shot and again can involve a few props – maybe a gender reveal prop or a little pair of shoes etc
Again some examples below;

Pregnancy shoot reserved couple and propsPregnancy shoot prop ideas

I hope this gives you a bit more insight in to the style and types of ideas available to you. However make sure youu choose a photographer you like and trust – take a look at some of his/her previous work but also do your own picture research. Note down some of your requirements and stuff you love too. And make sure you have fun with it.A Graphic designed to encourage people to share my post

When Considering a Pregnancy Photoshoot there are certain things to take into account. I have highlighted a few things that may help you.I love Pregnancy Photoshoots they can be a lot of fun and you really are helping to capture a moment in time that is nothing short of a miracle. Check out this Tips that may help make the shoot go just that little bit betterHere are some fantastic ideas that may help you when considering having a pregnancy photoshoot. I hope they help.

Please feel free to share your comments below many thanks

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