Canon 5D Mark 3 review

My Canon 5D MK 3 review – 9 Features to Have You Shooting Like a Pro in No Time

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My Favourite Canon Eos 5D MK 3 Features – Shooting like the Pros

Today I wanted to share with you my experience of the Canon 5D MK 3
I am quick to add that I didn’t start here on my photographic journey but rather with a lovely little canon 40d – which certainly served a purpose. I may do a small review on this for anyone that maybe interested – I then progressed from that to a 7d which was a rather exciting and terrifying experience rolled into one. Lots more features than the 40d but most beneficial to me was the ability to shoot in lower light situations without flash. At the time I was stepping into the realms of wedding photography so discretion was paramount when shooting in a church or registry office during that all important ceremony –

at the time the 7d was pretty cutting edge and the advancement of picture quality was instantly noticeable. Obviously my skills in photography had improved too of course !

After a couple of years and a few paying jobs I upgraded to the Canon 5D MK 3 which again was an absolute revelation. Slightly overwhelming, were all the menus and abilities of the camera, but suffice to say the image quality now shooting in full frame jumped to a whole new level again. I decided to utilitse the menu features that meant the most to me and my shooting and the with 5d’s quick menu button this became invaluable.

I have listed a few of the features here but as you are probably aware by now from my other posts I am not hugely driven by tech specs but rather by how easy the stuff is to navigate – how quickly you can navigate to it and what end results you can achieve, on the fly, if needs be.

My favourite features of the Canon 5D MK 3

  • 22.3 megapixel full-frame sensor and 14-bit DIGIC 5+ processor
  • ISO 100–25,600 sensitivity, expandable to ISO 102,400
  • 61-point AF
  • 6 fps continuous shooting
  • HDR mode
  • Full-HD video with manual control
  • Uncompressed HDMI output at Full HD 8bit 4.2.2
  • Weather sealing

Full-frame 22.3-megapixel sensor

With the Full Frame Sensor alongside the Digic 5+ image sensor you are better able to Capture some incredibly high-quality images that are jam packed with detail and real colour punch. I would recommend playing around with some of the settings to achieve the best possible results that suit your style. Colours are bright but natural, and fine detail is preserved even in dark shadow areas

High-quality performance, even in low light

Going back to the church/registry office scenario the ability to shoot in  low light is so good with the 5D MK 3 due to the incredible ability to be able to drop the ISO down to 25,600 from 100 – although unless you have a very steady hand I wouldn’t recommend trying to shoot this low as the pictures will become very grainy and noisy. That being said drop it back from there a few clicks and some nice imagery can be achieved.

61-point wide-area autofocus

You have the ability to use various auto focus settings within the menus and there are simply loads to choose from for everything including fast moving subjects suddenly coming into shot etc. I should imagine if you are into Motorsport of some kind this would be an awesome feature – I don’t have much need for it when taking portraits ha ha.

All joking apart though this has a superfast focusing ability with a 61 point wide-area focus system.

High-speed continuous shooting

Keep up with the action at a whopping 6fps. I love this feature, again especially at weddings – picture if you will the groom reaching for his bride for that first kiss and being able to capture multiple images straight off the bat and the camera doesn’t stop to think about writing it to your memory card or the confetti throwing shot where again it would be so good to have multiple consecutive images.  I also wanted to mention here that you can set the shutter sound – to a whisper quiet mode – not quite sure how it does this or indeed if it has any detrimental effect on the final image – to date I don’t believe it does. High Speed Shoting

High dynamic range imaging or HDR

I absolutely love this feature as it can create some amazing effects to your images – however a word to the wise – make sure you use a tripod and make sure you have plenty of time to play around with your shot. It may take several attempts. Also it is better to shoot something that’s not moving ha ha.

A very basic outline is that the camera will take 3 shots really quickly in succession and the idea being you have one image that takes into account the lighting in your foreground then one in the mid ground area and one to the back of the subject. The images are then overlaid over each other thus creating an almost perfect image with regards to details exposure white balance etc. I don’t have anything on the hard drive whilst writing this post but I will endeavour to shoot a few and add them to the post in due time. You are also able to add certain effects to the image within the camera such as embossing to name one of them.

Full-HD video with manual control

I have been known to dabble with the odd video, more out of fun than for any commercial value. If you’re interested head over to my Google+ acccount to take a look. With the Canon 5D MK 3 you can enjoy the benefit of  high quality Full HD video at 1080p resolution.  I did struggle a little though, with this, as the camera doesn’t do any autofocus or adjust ISO etc so moving inside to outside in one shoot can be tricky. The image quality however is second to none and I have heard that in lower budget movies the 5D Mk3 has been used for the principal filming camera.

An uncompressed HDMI output allows recording of 1920×1080 footage at 8bits 4.2.2 to external recorders to suit different workflows. Use manual controls and Canon’s comprehensive EF lens range and you can achieve some pretty cool cinematic visual effects.

In-camera editing functions

According to Canon “Begin your digital editing workflow before you arrive back home. Rate your images on a scale of one to five and compare two images simultaneously on screen. Use in-camera Raw processing to explore creative possibilities – such as black & white conversion and retrospective white balance”.

Personally I am not a huge fan of this sort of tech but thought I should mention it. I am more a take it home and edit it kind of guy rather than editing on the fly. My fear that without first backing up my shoot I wouldn’t feel confident editing on the camera on the actual image – what happens if something goes wrong !?

Built to go anywhere

The Canon 5D MK 3 comes in A magnesium chassis which provides strength and durability without adding weight. Weather sealing offers protection against dust and moisture.

Backup on the Go

Last but by no means least this is probably one of my most favourite features the dual save facility.

I once had an incident where a memory card failed on me mid shoot – whilst using my 7D and I basically lost the first 150 pictures of the day – absolute nightmare for a photographer. From then on I vowed to have a camera with the ability to save the pictures on two different cards simultaneously and this is exactly what the 5D does.

Thanks God the cards we were using that day were Lexar Professional and we sent the card away and they managed to interrogate the card and pull off all but two of the images from the 150 we thought we had lost.

In Conclusion

My Thoughts on the Canon 5D MK 3 – I absolutely love this camera it almost takes all the effort and worry out of taking some amazing shots. I am convinced I don’t use half the features it has to offer but I have amazing fun with the ones that I do use coupled with a good Canon Lens and you can’t go wrong.  If you have been considering this Camera for a while I would seriously recommend getting one – I don’t think you’ll regret it.

Check out some comments I screen-shotted from the Canon website

Customer Comments direct from Canon Website

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The Canon 5D MK 3 such a great DSLR camera from Canon. If you are planning to make the switch from amateur to professional this is definitely worth considering.

The Canon 5D MK 3 is a stunning DSLR Camera with this review and other tips on my blog with this camera you should be shooting like a pro in no time

The Canon 5D Mk 3 an absolutely stunning camera that takes absolutely amazing Photographs. If you know your way around a DSLR you will love this Camera.
Canon 5D Mk3
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