Pinterest Boards and their covers

Can Pinterest Promote Your Content and Gain You Success

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Consistent Progress on Pinterest will bring you Success

Gaining success on Pinterest will consist of a number of things. Doing them consistently will enable you to see fantastic growth of your account. It is important to remember that continual and consistent effort is definitely the way to go. Spreading the workload over multiple days rather than doing everything in one day. ‘Little and often’ as the saying goes.

Ideally saving 10 -15 pins daily rather than 70 odd on one day.

Typically Pinterest will prioritise the first 5 pins you pin at the beginning of that day. Sadly I am unsure when the beginning of the day is in terms of Pinterest so keep you content current and on topic with your Boards and Niche and you should be fine.

How to Create Your Boards and Keep Them Organised

Your Board names need to be relevant and specific to both your audience and your niche. Failure to do this will mean Pinterest won’t pick up on your content. Remember it is a Search Engine and good keywords are super important if you want your pins to be found and shared with your audience and their audience alike.

When giving your boards descriptions use ‘longtail’ keywords such as the title of this section ‘learn how to create your boards and keep them organised’ rather than just ‘boards, organise, create etc’

Boards come with sections too and these can be used if you are planning on splitting up your content within a board. If you had a Home décor board you may section it into ‘bedroom,’ ‘lounge,’or ‘kitchen’ for example.

One last comment is adding board covers. Personally I think your profile needs to look professional.  If someone is looking at your profile and your boards all look categorised with board covers and clear and concise descriptions it looks so much better.

Pinterest Boards and their covers

All of these features can be reached through your Pinterest Board Editor.

Upgrade to a Pinterest Business Account

What I love about upgrading to the Pinterest business account is a number of things but mainly that it’s completely free. That being said you also get quite a lot of good stuff along with it. It allows you to ‘claim your website’ which means that now you can track what pins associated with your website are getting traction with your audience.

Also it means it will tell you what pins are being saved and clicked and information pertaining to your audience where they’re based and what they are viewing within your content.

As a side note to this I would like to mention if you are not a member of Tailwind yet it may be a good idea for you to check them out too as they give you even more info on board and website performance. Head over HERE to read my post about Tailwind.

Are Multiple Pins a Good Idea ?

Pinning the same pin multiple times is a good idea as long as it is spread amongst multiple ‘relevant’ boards and done over time. So for example if you have created a pin that is relevant to multiple boards on your profile, as you may have some group boards too. This will increase the popularity of the Pin and may mean Pinterest will give it priority when distributing it out to your audience. The converse of this is also true – if you start pinning that same pin anywhere and not to relevant content this could actually damage its performance.

I hate to keep harping on but Tailwind is perfect for scheduling pins to appear on different boards at controllable periodic intervals so as not to make your profile look too ‘spammy.’

Tailwind Scheduling

It’s also ok to have multiple pins leading back to the same webpage as different pictures or descriptions will appeal to different people. However for the benefit of your SEO and so as not to waste an opportunity to promote your content ensure you use different descriptions on your pins.

Make Sure Your Pins Have Links

This is quite a big one for Pinterest. Ensuring your pins have correct links means that people will get to the right content and not be disappointed to find they have clicked for more info and have actually landed at the wrong place to get that info or worse still a blank page or error.

Pinterest hates bounce backs or failed links and this will be damaging to the overall performance of your pins. If you can try and make sure the image on your pin is also on the landing page.

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